Sunday, December 20, 2015

Style N°602

Decors by DaD DESIGN for Lost and Found  22th December - 1 January"
(From Left to Rigth)

DaD DESIGN "08 Trumpet Lamp" 
DaD DESIGN "10 Oval wood table brown"
DaD DESIGN "05 Books Coffee Table"
DaD DESIGN "07 Small wood table black" 
DaD DESIGN "13 Stone Statue" 
DaD DESIGN "12 Bronze Statue" 
DaD DESIGN "14 Wood Statue"
Dad DESIGN "15 Jazz Composition"
DaD DESIGN "02 Leather Armchair" brown & brown -(A) RARE
DaD DESIGN "04 Corrugated Brown Rug"
DaD DESIGN "01 Recycled Piano Bookshelf" ULTRA RARE 
DaD DESIGN "09 Music sheets falling"
DaD DESIGN "03 Leather Armchair" brown & cream -(A) RARE

Cabin: DaD DESIGN "Sweet Maine Cabin with Modular Wood Dock" "COSMOPOLITAN EVENT" 21th dec./ 4 january